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What is Bitcoin? :: History of one virtual currency

Bitcoin is first ever decentralized, peer-to-peer financial solution introduced in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Initially, it is digital currency aims to revolutionize the current financial system and embrace it for more secure, private and transparent transaction. Before Bitcoin, there were few other decentralized projects in development but Bitcoin made it to public first 2008 and the first ever Bitcoin transaction took a place in January 2009 and The first exchange site was, which opened 6 February 2010. The famous first commercial transaction (two pizzas, cost $30 including tip, for 10,000 BTC) was a few months later, on 22 May 2010.  

Bitcoin worth rose steadily and the first time in the history of Bitcoin was trading at price of US$1,124.76 on November 29, 2013. In mid-November 2015, it reached $2200 which was considered as Bitcoin Big Bang and draw the attention of several investors and bankers across the globe leaving the powerful impact regarding the existence of digital currency. The real thing happens on 15 December 2017, when Bitcoin topped out a whopping $17,900. Unbelievable right? And it was considered as the bubble that could be wrapped any time and I did wrap too degrading the Bitcoin price to almost 50%. Current Bitcoin price is $9110.01 which and it has been predicted that it can go high any time in the year again.

What is Bitcoin? :: History of one virtual currency

As mentioned above the current Bitcoin value is $9110.01, though it never remains stable as Bitcoin is considered as one of the most volatile currency ever. Now there are two ways you can acquire some bitcoins. The first and formerly popular is bitcoin mining. Mining is a process of solving mathematical puzzles or algorithms on proof of work consensus blockchain which requires high computational power and electricity consumption. There are several Bitcoin miners you can use to mine the bitcoin such as CG miner, BFG miner, BTC miner and Bit Miner. Along with these BTC miner software you will also need bitcoin mining hardware such as ASIC which are specially built for bitcoin mining and earn bitcoin through it.  

The second and currently most popular way to acquire bitcoin is buying BTC from an exchange of BTM. You can go popular bitcoin exchanges such as Coinbase or Circle to buy bitcoin. Though buying the whole bitcoin might be really expensive as per the current price of bitcoin. So it will be ambiguous to buy the small fraction of bitcoin such as the micro coin or Satoshi coin. Mining actually requires a lot of efforts and time and as almost 8-% of bitcoin are already mined the algorithm process has become even complex to solve. That’s another reason people prefer to buy bitcoin instead of mining. Though you can use popular bitcoin mining pool if you want to experience the mining process.

BTC Wallet

After acquiring some Bitcoin you need to store them safe and sound. And that’s where bitcoin wallets come into play. BTC Wallet is encrypted space protected with your private and public key in order to access that space. There are several types of bitcoin wallet where you can save your BTC namely desktop wallet, Bitcoin wallet online, hardware wallet, paper wallet, and mobile wallet. You can store you bitcoin either online in the BTC wallet provided by the exchange or you can transfer them to your desktop wallet or bitcoin wallet for Android or iOS. You can even print your public and private key on the paper wallet and keep it as the back up in case you will lose other options. Further, you can even store your BTC in USB like hardware such as Ledger Nano S.   

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